Friday, 21 June 2013

How to Import your Adwords CPA/CTA or Conversion Optimizer Ads into Bing Ads.

Bing Ads has difficulties importing the keywords of any of your Google Adwords campaigns that have Conversion Optimizer (CPA) enabled.  Bing Ads' Google Adwords importer works very well with regular Google CPC campaigns but with CPA campaigns, it forgets to import something very important - your keywords.

Bing Ads offers a CSV template to import your Google Adwords campaigns using their regular "import from a file" feature, but I found that very lousy and time consuming to use.  Instead, I simply took my Google Adwords CPA Campaigns, duplicated them within Google Adwords to CPC Campaigns and then used Bing Ads import from Google Adwords tool to import the newly created CPC Campaigns.  This is definitely a hack, so hopefully Bing Ads fixes this soon.

Here's the steps to follow to use Bing Ads to import your CPA campaigns from Google Adwords.

1.  Download Google Editor - This is the native adwords editor.  If you don't know how to use it, it's pretty easy, but all you have to know is that for every change you make within the Google Editor, you have to "post" them back onto google adwords.
2.  After logging in to your Adwords account in Google Editor, download the CPA campaign you want to import.
3.  Go to the Campaign screen.  Select the CPA campaign.  Copy and paste it (right click on it, copy, right click paste).  Make sure to pause this new campaign.
4.  Now you will see the duplicate campaign with a red error.  Rename it so Google doesnt give you an error.
5.  Within the newly copied campaign, select all the adgroups tab so you can see all adgroups within the campaign.  These two should have red exclamation marks at them.  Select all of them, and at the bottom control, insert a dummy bid in the CPC field.
6.  Upload to Google Adwords by hitting the Post button.  Now you should be able  to see your newly paused campaign on the Google Adwords website.
7.  Go to Bing Ads now.  Use the Bind Ads import from Google Adwords tool on the paused campaign (make sure to click on the "show paused ads" so you can see the new campaign).  Follow the steps and your keywords should be in there!

That's it.  Now you can go back to Google Adwords and Delete the dummy campaign!

Bing Ads can't import CPA Google Adwords Campaigns

This literally is their first value prop which I find hilarious.  Unfortunately the Import from Google Adwords function it does not work as intended.  

After going through the first few import screens - everything seemed quite flawless - no errors, minimal input from the user, and nice, friendly encouragement notes from the system knowing that I'm ready to start paying them money!  

Not so fast!  Looks like Bing Ads did not import my keywords! My campaigns look good, ads are good, adgroups are good - but hey, none of them have any keywords in them!  The Culprit?!  CPA Ads!  

If you're using Google Conversion Optimizer on an Adwords campaign, Bing Ads has trouble importing keywords from those adgroups.  

To test this, I tried the same import function on a CPC campaign and yes, it did work flawlessly.  So Bravo to Bing Ads for failing on their first value prop.

Right now I am scratching my head figuring out how to use the Bing Ads import template to import via Excel.  Will report back shortly.