Sunday, 17 August 2014

Tudor Coman - Front man of JFDI

JFDI.ASIA, the incubator Flocations went through and probably the most successful in SouthEast Asia thus far has Flocations on their front page.  I'm flattered but really, let's face it; it's because the shot suits the site :)

Regardless, if you are an entrepreneur or want-to-be entrepreneur, you should definitely apply to JFDI.  I have been in Singapore for the last 4 years and been an entrepreneur for 3.  I have seen many incubators in the surrounding area sprout and die quickly.  Some only lasted one cohort while others were just pipe dreams.  JFDI has established themselves, in my opinion, by consistently raising capital for 6 cohorts so far.  Flocations resides in the same building as JFDI so I do venture there often to meet the new cohorts and offer mentorship.  The quality of incubatees is higher and higher each year and JFDI is becoming more polished as well.  I would definitely re-apply and take the adventure again as I would encourage anyone else to.  Head over to