Friday, 1 May 2015

Flocations Acquired by VRG

Well, it has been a LONG journey.  And finally, - the marketplace for online travel, my little baby, has been acquired by Venture Republic Global (VRG), which is a Japanese company that is a powerhouse in Japan's meta-search scene.  Kei Shibata, a Flocations Director and CEO of VRG, lead the acquisition.

I'm a bit flabbergasted as it's been a tough journey.  There's so much emotional investment in something like this that it can sometimes be debilitating.  Luckily I always had my cofounder Venkat Dhamodaran and Shaw Chian that always stayed calm and followed me even in some bad decisions.  Florian Cornu was also an awesome support as a cofounder and later as a board member.

Thanks to everyone for this success.

Here are a few sources:
Tech in Asia - Japanese travel operator acquires tour package search startup Flocations
Web In Travel - VENTURE REPUBLIC BUYS FLOCATIONS TO STRENGTHEN TRAVEL OFFERINGS IN SOUTHEAST ASIATNooz - Venture Republic buys Flocations in bid to grow tour package bookings in - Japan’s VRG acquires tour packages marketplace Flocations


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