Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A Beginner's Guide to Distributing Video Content

So you got a bunch of content and you need to figure out how to get it into your viewers hands, increase engagement and get more followers for yourself or your business.  It’s great that you have content but remember, 50% of “content marketing” is marketing (haha?).  So time to roll up those sleeves and start distributing those videos out to a wider audience.

Sanitizing & Marking your Videos:

  1. Music - if you use popular music, some of the networks will automatically detect licensed music and block your video.  So head over to soundcloud or audiojungle and grab some license free music.  Some sites, like Vid.me don’t do the autodetect functions so if you are using music that isn’t yours, you can definitely use vid.me and then use the link in Facebook.  
  2. Branding - remember to include either an intro, outro or watermark to keep on your videos.  It’s especially important if you’re doing content that is not directly talking about your product.  However, don’t annoy the user by creating a 10second intro for a 5 second how-to video - discretion is always a fine line.

Video Networks:

  1. Youtube - youtube is its own social network and google search for videos.  It is the biggest video social site and the users there tend to want long form content (instagram would be short form).  Make sure you post, tag and create appropriate playlists for your videos.  Keep them here, they will generate organic views.  
  2. Vimeo - something you might want to consider although I haven’t personally tried it myself, but it is a larger community of video editors, plus their embedded video is extremely nice.
  3. Vid.me - I love this site - it’s essentially imgur for video and a good share of users going there.  I like to add my videos in here just in case.  Furthermore, if you are using unlicensed music where other networks like YT and FB are not allowing you to use, just pop your video on vid.me and then use the shared link to link to FB and anything else.


  1. Facebook - I assume you have your own page.  Time to upload those videos.  Do NOT link from YouTube because directly uploaded video to FB automatically plays. That's the magic right there. If a video automatically plays users are more likely to watch it, so upload your videos directly to your Page for this magic to happen
  2. Take this video and find fb groups that would enjoy watching it. Post it there and start a discussion. Don't be stupid and say "wow what a great vide" say something like - we went up to the peak of mount bromo. Didn't realize how cold it was I should brought some Etta long underwear. Nice lady we met (she's in the vid). Share the experience. Don't post often. Post genuinely. 
  3. Tag the shit out of it with influencers you follow or hashtag absolutely everything you can get your hands on.  The point of the # is that when people search for a certain subject in the FB bar, it will show everything.
  4. Find FB Groups - find interest groups on FB. Send them a message asking if they would like to use your video - offer to give them the original source video as long as you can get a mention.  You’re giving it away, yes, but if you don’t have your own audience, you have to use other peoples reach to build your own.  


  1. Instagram allows you to post 1 min videos. You can cut them directly on IG if you need to. There's not much branding necessary here as on if you have to watch the video as a post from your brand anyways. 
  2. Tag it, give mentions, make relevant hashtags.
  3. Add a URL to the full length video on your tube or fb if that's an option. 
  4. Take your full length video, create a smaller 1 minute version of it or cut it down within IG.  Use IG as a sort of “Teaser” to drive people to the full featured video on FB or YT.  

Editing Options

  1.  If you have video content and don’t have time to edit, then you have a problem.  I would suggest using Bropro.video as they have professional editors that are super affordable and can create social/snackable video within 24 hours.  They are great if you are a brand that relis on UGC or a person of interest that wants to get into the video content game.
  2. 90 Seconds - use 90 seconds if you are a business and need to actually create professional footage at a very cheap rate.